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    <querypage name="Ancientpages">
        <page value="20090206114334" timestamp="2009-02-06T11:43:34Z" ns="0" title="Demokrati første gang" />
        <page value="20090206114334" timestamp="2009-02-06T11:43:34Z" ns="0" title="Content and Chapters/de" />
        <page value="20090206114335" timestamp="2009-02-06T11:43:35Z" ns="0" title="Hvem står bag Demokratihåndbogen" />
        <page value="20090206114335" timestamp="2009-02-06T11:43:35Z" ns="0" title="Projekt Demokratihåndbog" />
        <page value="20090206114336" timestamp="2009-02-06T11:43:36Z" ns="0" title="Vikar" />
        <page value="20090206124006" timestamp="2009-02-06T12:40:06Z" ns="0" title="Democracy Handbook Project" />
        <page value="20090209055824" timestamp="2009-02-09T05:58:24Z" ns="0" title="Who is behind the content of Democracy Handbook" />
        <page value="20090209074516" timestamp="2009-02-09T07:45:16Z" ns="0" title="Le public" />
        <page value="20090309052959" timestamp="2009-03-09T05:29:59Z" ns="0" title="Contents" />
        <page value="20100121154030" timestamp="2010-01-21T15:40:30Z" ns="0" title="En regering med parlamentarisk flertal bag sig" />