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Participate in the project

At present, all chapters are prepared presentation in five languages: Danish (original text), English, German, French and Vietnamese. Just click on the languages at the bottom of the pages to choose.

As soon as the present content of www.democracy-handbook.org has been translated into English, the next step will be translation into French, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese and a number of other languages. This is to be a truly global Democracy Handbook.

Since www.democracy-handbook.org was originally written and developed in Denmark, reference are often made to Danish examples. This is not because Danish democracy is in any way better or more developed than other democracies; it is just that a project like this has to begin somewhere. Please add examples from your own country if you think important points are missing.

By joining the translation of Democracy Handbook or by participating in any other way, you grant Democracy Handbook Association permission to use whatever is written on www.democracy-handbook.org for non-profit publication in any form or place.

Three Ways You Can Contribute

Anyone can participate--even if you can't translate. You can link to www.democracy-handbook.or from your website or blog. That way the search engines can find www.democracy-handbook.org more easily, and more people will be able to find the information about democracy. You can also forward the link to your friends and ask them to to the same.

If you wish to join the translation, please go ahead. The easiest way to do so is to open two windows at a time: one with the original text, one with the translation. If you happen to make a mistake, others may come by later and fix it, just like Wikipedia.

If you are a native speaker of one of the languages that don't have a translation yet and you wish to help even further, you can become an editor of the chapters of that language and do the final proof reading before the pages are locked. It would be wonderful if there were 4-5 editors in each language. Please send an email to contact @ democracy-handbook.org if you are interested.

The Content

www.democracy-handbook.org tries to make a very extensive field of knowledge accessible to a broad audience. Therefor the chapters are as short and clear as possible. This means, of course, that many details and clarifications are missing. Hence, you cannot read www.democracy-handbook.org and then know all there is to know about democracy or about the history of democracy.

But hopefully you will acquire a view of what democracy is, how it evolved, and how you yourself can contribute do democracy wherever you live. If there are issues you would like to know more about, the internet has plenty of information in English and all other European languages.

Why are the Pages Locked?

It may seem anti-democratic that you cannot contribute to the pages that are done. True. But to some democracy, freedom of speech, equal rights and many other principles of democracy are exactly the issues that are controversial. I have therefore chosen to lock the pages when the content is done, so that democracy-handbook.org is not spammed by misinformation.

If you find mistakes that need to be fixed, please go to the discussion sub-page and write the correct information, or send an e-mail to contact @ democracy-handbook.org, then I will then check and correct.


www.democracy-handbook.org's logo is the Chinese sign for democracy: MIN ZHU. MIN means "people" or "humans", and ZHU means "master", "ruling" or "being responsible.

democracy-handbook.org as book

When the text has been translated into English it should be published as a book. If you can help in that respect, please send an e-mail: contact @ democracy-handbook.org.

Who is behind www.democracy-handbook.org ?

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Lene Andersen

www.democracy-handbook.org was developed and is administered by writer, philosopher, and publisher Lene Andersen. I received the Danish democracy award "Ebbe Kløvedal-Reichs Demokratistafet" / "The Ebbe Kløvedal-Reich Democracy Batton" named after Danish writer Ebbe Kløvedal-Reich in 2007.

I am neither an historian, nor a political scientis, I am an economist. Some historians and political scientists may find that this can be felt here at democracy-handbook.org. If so, please let me know of any suggestions for improvement.

The reason why I decided to create democracy-handbook.org is that I myself live in a democracy, and I know that I wouldn't have been able to survive very long without the freedoms and the safety that it provides for me. I truly wish my fellow human beings the same fantastic opportunities that I enjoy. This is why I would like to do my part to spread knowledge about democracy in order to help people to get started. And, honestly, there might be Danes and other Westerners in the existing democracies for whom reading this web site would do no harm either.

All chapters on democracy-handbook.org which are locked and have the logo in the upper right hand corner have been fact checked by a handful of exsperts. Among these are:

  • Ove Kaj Pedersen
  • Jakob Erle, founder of IAED - International Academy for Education and Democracy http://www.iaed.info
  • Bent Raymond Jørgensen,

This project has also received tremendous help from Benny Lautrup.

Creation of the democracy-handbook.org was made possible through a grant from Autorkontoen.

The Text in English

David Young http://instantenglish.dk/

The Text in French

The Text in German


Lene Andersen is responsible for the content of all pages that are locked and have the democracy-handbook.org-logo in the upper right hand corner. All other pages are open to the translations and comments of the users, and for the content of those pages I claim no responsibility. It is the responsibility of all users to keep their contributions within the limits of the law, and to maintain a civilised tone which will contribute to a constructive democratic debate.

Please Enjoy

Yours truly

Lene Andersen

contact @ democracy-handbook.org

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