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  • Participating in the translation
  • Who is behind www.democracy-handbook.org

Participating in the translation

If you wish to join the translation, the easiest way to do so is to open two windows at a time: one with the original text, one with the translation. All chapters are prepared for four languages: Danish (original text), English, German and French. Just click the languages at the bottom of the pages.

As soon as we have accomplished www.democracy-handbook.org in those four languages, the site will be opened for translation into Spanish, Arabic, Chineese and a number of other languages. This should be a truly global Democracy Handbook.

Since www.democracy-handbook.org was written and developed in Denmark, many chapters have Danish examples. This is not because Danish democracy is in any way better or further developed than other democracies, it is just that a project like this has to begin somewhere. Please add corresponding examples from your own country if you think important points are missing.

By joining the translation of Democracy Handbook or by participating in any other way, you allow democracy-handbook.org to use whatever is writen on www.democracy-handbook.org for non-profit publication in any other form or place.

Who is behind www.democracy-handbook.org