Family Planning and Women’s Rights

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Perhaps democracy's chances of survival and global co-existence depend on something as simple as how many people will survive to live on the limited resources that the world has. Looking at the globe and seeing where there is access to contraception and abortion, and where there is peace and good relations between neighbouring countries, it is striking to what extent the two areas overlap. Currently, it is religious beliefs which most frequently prevent family planning. Religions therefore play a dual role in world conflicts, because they are not part of the attempts to curb the population explosion.

Contraception and abortion rights allow women to decide over their lives and participate in society on their own terms. In addition, all the studies show that when you educate and empower the women in a community, the whole community benefits.

Men and women think and co-work differently. When women have the opportunity to participate in politics, it changes the political debate, and it creates developments that are for the benefit of both sexes, and of both adults and children.

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