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Welcome to is a free and simple, multilingual handbook for all who are interested in developing, maintaining, and spreading democracy. The chapters are short and straightforward, and cover the basics. invites you to participate in the translation, in order to make a global Democracy Handbook in as many languages as possible. is a combination of expert and user generated knowledge. Feel free to join the development of with translations, comments, and debate. Just send us an email and we'll upen a user profile for you. All pages that have been locked and have the democracy-handbook-logo have been fact-checked and approved by experts. Read more about it and how you can contribute at About is written for citizens in existing democracies and people in non-democracies. Therefore some chapters present more than one point of view: e.g. How can you contribute to democracy, if you live in one? And where to begin, if you don't? consists of six parts:

  • Introduction to Democracy a reflection on the values and concepts upon which democracy rests and must continue building.
  • Democracy's Institutions, Traditions and Laws introduces the concrete elements of a solid democracy.
  • Democracy – The First Time is about the cultural development from early hunter-gatherer societies to Greek democracy and how Europe developed under the Romans, and later under Christianity and Islam.
  • Democracy – The Second Time covers the democratic development in Europe and the USA from the Renaissance to today. The chapters on the history of democracy are longer than the other chapters on Hopefully these historical chapters provide an understanding of how hard it was for democracy to develop.
  • Threats to Democracy focuses on the many things that obstruct the development of democracy and which undermine democracy from within or from the outside.
  • The Future of Democracy - How can you participate in or initiate democracy where you live?

Introduction to Democracy

Democracy’s Institutions, Traditions and Laws

Democracy – The First Time

Democracy – The Second Time

Threats to Democracy

The Future of Democracy

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