Legalize Drugs

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This is a very controversial topic and perhaps it is completely wrong, but it has to be considered seriously.

There is a depressing connection between drug trafficking, arms trafficking, human trafficking, slavery, prostitution, corruption, other criminality and terrorism, in that they are all involved in the same economic cycle. All these forms of criminality help to undermine democracy in each their own way, and together they are downright dangerous for democracy, peace and stability in the world.

At the same time, there is no logic in the fact that, in a democratic society, one is free to drink as much alcohol as one wants, but that all other euphoriants are illegal.

Let's find out which euphoriants offer the least risk to health and legalize them - possibly sell them through pharmacies, where it is not exactly convivial, but at least perfectly legal. This would remove the economic foundation for a number of other forms of criminality and release the resources of the police and intelligence services to tackle the other threats to society.

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