Political Ideologies

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Many of us consider political ideologies to be a kind of "eternal truth" - or at least, the ideology we ourselves advocate. Our enemy's ideology, on the other hand, we regard as false.

Perhaps it would be easier though to get constructive political results if instead we realised that people are different and that our ideologies reflect this. Some of us really need a huge framework of security, while others cannot live without almost unlimited freedom. Some of us are really happy with the idea of a socialist state which distributes wealth equally, while others live and breathe for making money and keeping it for themselves.

Ideologies are neither eternal truths nor eternal wrongs; they merely express people's hopes and dreams, and people's hopes and dreams are different. In a democracy, we have to negotiate our way towards how many of our hopes and dreams each of us can realise.

If we each accept that and respect that others do not necessarily have the same needs as we have, we would probably find much better solutions to the challenges we are facing as a society, partly because each of us would realise that the ideology we are passionate about cannot solve the problems of the whole world and his dog. My ideology may satisfy my feelings, but that's not the same as saying it will satisfy everyone's.

The perfect system doesn't exist and it never will.

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